Yury Kostylev

Web design, UX/UI, mobile app design – for your business

About Myself

in a nutshell

I worked in many interesting places with different people, and every working day brought a great experience that helped to find my way in design. I like to design interfaces for web sites and mobile applications most of all, as well as doing front-end development.

If you have a captivating project I'll have to buckle down to develop it.

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Technical skills

which I'm proud of

Figma / Sketch / Adobe XD

Create mock-ups & clickable prototypes

Photoshop / Illustrator

Use for specific tasks

Axure / Balsamiq Mockups

I prefer to create prototypes breeze fast

After Effects / Flinto

Breathe the life into my mobile mockups

HTML (Haml, Slim, Pug)

Page-proofs of any level

CSS (Sass, SCSS)

Prefer BEM or functional CSS

JavaScript (ES6, Vue.js)

Actively use modern possibilities to ease and simplify user experience


Use for team work and prescise control of any change


Recommendations are provided on request
from December, 2018


UX/UI Expert

I'm engaged in design and brand of the franchise- and multibrand seller points' control panel. As well as some in-corp products. Based on usability research constantly polishing user experience. Evolving of design system and UIKit.

November, 2015–September, 2018

Social Quantum

Product Designer

Developed the company's internal products: ERP system, Redmine and corporate web site. A year later, I wrote a standardizing interfaces guide and maintaining a unified brand in every product. Also creating UX of high load systems with many pieces of data. Making interactive animated prototypes.

Marking up the responsive designs pixel perfectly. Haml, SCSS, CoffeeScript, git, and Ruby basics has been learned for the team work.

March, 2015–October, 2015

Selyukov Media Group

UI/UX Designer

Worked on Soberi Avto and GreatStars startups. Mainly doing UI design for web sites and iOS apps. Visual concepts of new brands develoment and markup quality control.

September, 2014–January, 2015


UI Designer

Maintaining design of the current web site when adding new functionality, redesign concept development, interface and user interaction development, bettering the conversion of the web site by improving visual communication, outdoor advertising development, packaging and souvenir products design within the company's identity.

January, 2013–September, 2014

ArtBrother Design Studio

Art Director

Design leadership, brand concepts and lead designer work on main huge projects.

October, 2012–Novermber, 2012

Thetaprint Polygraphy

Lead designer

Development of design projects and design leadership. Beside this, I made some improvements of company's web site and other design stuff.

February, 2012–September, 2012

Riga's Fashion


Created the company's web site with catalog for the sale of fashionable women's clothing. I also was engaged in its maintenance and filling. In addition to this, the company's logo, and identity were designed.

February, 2010–April, 2010

Russian Customs Academy

Web Designer

Developed a eLibrary portal of the Russian Customs Academy.


I'm studying the best examples of famous designers, and beside of this I have a honours degree

Institute of business career

Advertising specialist / Computer Design specialization

During my studies at the institute, I was involved in the creation of graphic advertising products (banners, logos), on my own initiative. Participated in the identity modernization of the institute.
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